Panneerselvam revolts, says ‘was forced to resign’: Here is all that he said

In a big sign of revolt in AIADMK, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister OPanneerselvam on Tuesday said that he was forced to resign and clear way for Sasikala. He added that he will take back his resignation if the party workers support him. “Only a person who can protect the party (AIADMK) and run the government on the principles laid down by late J Jayalalithaa should come at the helm (of Tamil Nadu government),” he said after ending his 40-minute meditation at Jayalalithaa’s memorial on Tuesday night. “I will fight for this even if I am alone,” the normally softspoken Panneerselvam said.

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Panneerselvam said Sasikala — a long-time confidante of Jayalalithaa — and her supporters got irritated with the success of his government on issues like Jallikattu protests, mitigating of drinking water crisis in Chennai, setting right the damage caused by Vardah cyclone and others.

The former Chief Minister said he had asked Sasikala as to the need for calling a meeting of legislators but there was no proper reply. His stand on his resignation contradicted Sasikala’s claim that it was Panneerselvam who wanted her to become the Chief Minister.

There was outrage in Tamil Nadu after Sasikala was elected the legislative party head of AIADMK on Sunday. Many AIADMK members have spoken against her elevation and even questioned her qualification to become party head.

Here is all that Pannerselvam said in the press conference

  1). I want to tell some truth to the people of this country and party cadre
  2). One who can protect the interest of the state should become the Chief Minister
 3). Have to save the party & the state, I was told
 4).  “When I asked what is the next step?” “I was told that we have to be ready for any eventuality”

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 1). I was crying for almost half an hour hearing about her situation
 2).  I was first told Madhusudhanan should take over as Gen Secy. I didn’t accept it. I opposed it
 3).  I told them I was happy to have stepped aside for Amma when she was alive. I told them they can appoint whoever they want
 4).  While I was meeting PM, on the other side Thambidurai took 50 MPs and came to meet the PM
 5).  I accepted the post only after they told me if I don’t accept it will bring disrepute to the party
 6). On the 2nd day of taking over as CM, Health minster told me Diwakar wanted to say something to me
 7).  After the general council meet, I worked with utmost dedication to fulfill Amma’s dreams
 8).  It was then that Vardah cyclone came, it was set right in 4 days. It was done as Amma’s wishes. This upset them
 9).  We also had water scarcity problem. We knew that AP had water. We met @ncbn to get some water. He immediately gave it
 10).  Next came Jallikattu. It was a democratic uprising, without a hitch for 4 days. I met Shri Narendra Modi and explained situation
 11).  While I was meeting PM, on the other side Thambidurai took 50 MPs and came to meet the PM
 12).  Revenue Minister, R B Udhayakumar, said Sasikala should take over as CM, when I was the CM.
 13).  I was told the Udhayakumar was warned, They said no one will talk like this anymore